Why “The Scotts Kid”?

Years ago I traveled to the West Coast on a motorcycle and while eating at a bar met another traveler.   He introduced himself as “Wolf”.   When I asked about his strange name he informed me that everyone should have a “travel name”.   My travel name is “The Scotts Kid”.

The reason for this is simple.    For the last 9 years I have worked at the best company in the world, Scotts Miracle Gro.   Seldom do you find a company that supports shareholders, associates, and customers with superlative products and a commitment to make the Earth a better place – WONDERFUL.

“The Scotts Kid” handle is my attempt to thank Scotts for all the wonderful things they do and further our interest in eradicating cancer in our lifetime by supporting the 2018 Pelotonia  (Full Story).180129 - Rob Pelotonia