The Beginning

Thanks for joining me!

Cancer is an ugly blight that touches every family, friend, and neighbor.   The Pelotonia 2018 event is where I, with your help, intend to take a stand.

P180128 - Riders leaving from Gambier

The Ride to End Cancer

6 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. This has been great following you so far!! Can not wait to follow the rest. Good luck and be safe!! – Justin Farmer


  2. You took 333, the road has America the beautiful for cars driving 45 mph, you are taking my route. Remember hwy 3 is an escape to Villanueva st pk


  3. Dave, Interesting how our paths interacted! I was on 68N for a long time and then switched to 522N. I am currently going to figure out where to go from here (Costilla). Missed having WiFi last night to have today’s route locked in.


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