The Vision


This is the 7th year I’ve ridden in the Pelotonia, a Columbus centric bike ride where 100% of every dollar donated goes straight to the fight against cancer.   The first 5 or so years I rode because it was for a good cause and “fun”.

In November of 2014 the battle began personal when it struck my mother.   At this point the Pelotonia changed.  Rather than being “something to do” it became a reason for existence.   I began to notice the other riders.   The ones that had a picture pinned to their jerseys, names scribbled on their legs and arms in marker, and those that wore clothing that announced they were a “survivor”.

Since that point in time I wanted to do something more.   As time went on the feeling that I needed to do something more grew.   Suddenly I knew how to translate my adventurous spirit and desire to “do something” into action.   I would “retire” from work and ride my bike to the Pacific Ocean and back (from Columbus, Ohio) soliciting donations across America from people that believed as I did that cancer needed to be stopped once and for all.

My vision is to collect $1M in donations as I ride across America from April 30th to August 3, 2018 when the 2018 Pelotonia charity bike ride is conducted.

Hope you share this vision and either donate (remember every donation is HUGE and 100% of every donation goes to fight cancer.   Hoping to see many of you on the road!180203 - Compass



2 thoughts on “The Vision

  1. Loved reading this, Rob. I sent you and Jill a letter last month. I hope u received it. Cancer has touched my life this past year with my brother and I believe we are over our last hurdle to being cancer free. Give my love to the family. Loved seeing the family picks. Come see us.


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