Baer Wheels


As I’ve tried to find corporate sponsors I have been sorely disappointed.   I thought that corporate sponsors, news agencies, and businesses would all be willing to support my dream – wrong!   My realization is that this is MY dream and I shouldn’t have expected outside support.

There is one notable exception and that is Dave Baer who owns “Baer Wheels” located in Columbus at N. 3510 High Street.   Dave is also a Pelotonia supporter.   I met him last year at Gambier, the Saturday night Pelotonia stop.  Dave volunteers his time to support Pelotinia riders who need their bikes quickly tuned or fixed.  One of his co-workers said he was the “best bike toolman” in the state and I am a believer.   What others had tried to fix and billed for, Dave fixed free in 15 minutes.  His magic made the last 80 miles back to Columbus a breeze.  My trip across country required a bike not made for speed but one that was a workhorse.  My street bike, light and fast, is not designed to carry weight (tents, food, clothes, etc.) and I know nothing about touring bikes.   The bike decision was key for me since it would have to carry me through rain, heat, mountains and deserts.  I have no desire to be stuck.

I visited Dave one Saturday morning just after Christmas.   He spend hours going over the finer points of touring the country, helped me select the “right” bike and helped me ensure it was properly provisioned for the trip.   Dave didn’t try to “sell” me anything.  Dave “informed” me how to think about the trip and the equipment needed to succeed.

If you need a bike, bike repair, or information about biking, I would strongly recommend a visit to Baer Wheels!   Dave is THE BIKE MAN!

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