The Love of My Life

Meet the “Love of My Life” and partner for 35 years.   Even as I make this statement she is correcting me by saying that “it wasn’t 35 but 34 or 36 years”.   In this partnership of around 35 years I have only been right once or twice – just ask her!

Maybe marriage isn’t for everyone but from my perspective life can never be “excellent” till you have found a “life long partner”.

This is the person that you trust implicitly with your deepest secrets, that understands when you hurt, makes life sparkle,  someone that shares your life, and yes even completes it.   My wife Jill is the person that completes my life.

While I have told others, in those slow moments when you talk about just about anything, how much Jill means to me and how colorless life would be without her I really never take the time to let her know.

Well Jill here it comes.   You are the sun that never sets in my life, the light that shines on the darkest day and the one person that I could never live without.   Thanks for spending the last 35 or so years patiently accepting my faults and wisely letting me be a kid when needed.

I love you!

Rob a.k.a. The Scotts Kid


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