Caught in a Lie, Maybe ???

So, we left to visit my grandchildren in South Carolina.   I was in a quandary, should I take Miracle Gro to begin training or concentrate on the visit.   The visit won and Miracle Go was left behind.   I didn’t want her to be “hung” on the back of the car and exposed to rain and potentially snow.   I promised her I wouldn’t be riding anyway.

Three days into the trip the cold rainy weather turned to beautiful blue skies and temperatures in the mid to high 60s.   My son’s bike was available and I took it out for a spin on the 20 mile “Spanish Moss Trail.  It was glorious.   However, if Miracle Gro finds out that I cheated on “her” who knows what kind of havoc she might cause on the real trip.

In order:

1. The Spanish Moss trailhead – About 15 miles of nice, flat concrete which makes the bike ride very nice indeed.

2. Jets on display by US-21 just off the bike trail.   Part of the Marine Air Base.

3. Bike paths have construction/detours too.

4. About 3 miles into the trip there was a industrial warehouse going through the middle of the bike path.   Very unexpected and kinda’ cool.



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