Day Four: Thursday, May 4th, Louisville

It’s been a great day.   Miracle Go had oil put on her chain, saw some of my siblings, my Aunt and Uncle, visited Dick’s Sporting Store, and gave my body a day of  rest.   Strangely, when I got up this morning there were no major sore.  I do have a little sunburn (sun screen will now be used) and my backside told me to take the day off but ready to get on the road again.

Next objective is Springfield which is 559 miles away.   I changed my navigation strategy (you can teach an old dog new tricks).   Note the map above which all the turns.   Learned my lesson – really!   Leaving tomorrow morning around 6:30 (sun up) to cross the Ohio River into Indiana and parts West.

It was great staying with my Aunt and Uncle and seeing some family.   Made me think of how lucky we all are having friends and family in our lives.   Suggest that you spend some time today thanking them for making our lives special.

Regarding my pictures, here are the people I was able to meet with (left to right, top to bottom):

  • Cousin John with wife Cheryl
  • Middle sister on Harley Fat Boy
  • Learned my lesson, map from Louisville to Springfield, MO with notes
  • Uncle Frank, Cheryl and I
  • Uncle Frank and Aunt Lakie


2 thoughts on “Day Four: Thursday, May 4th, Louisville

  1. My son and I enjoyed meeting you today. Sounds like you are on an exciting adventure for a great cause. We wish you the best on your travels!


    1. Marshall,

      …and I enjoyed meeting you and your son as well. My wish is that you get him the bike of his dreams and you both ride to many adventures in the coming days. Forgive me for not showing you “Miracle Go’s”, the name of my bike, finer points. After we talked and you left I thought of this and the moment had passed.

      Wishing you a spectacular day!


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