Fairfield, IL to Belleville, IL

Will start tonight by going through the pictures:

  1. After 87 miles I ended up in Freeburg, IL where I planned to spend the night.   The Freeburg fireman recommended that I go another 10 miles to Belleville where the accommodations might be a bit better.
  2. Flight 93 (upper right): Made it to  Belleville Firestation where the firemen are super nice.   They have a memorial to Twin Tower Disaster and Flight 93.   This is one of the many markers and plagues that explain the story.
  3. Twin Towers: The fire station has an entire girder from the twin towers.   They think they got a large piece because they are a fire station, at a major highway crossroads, and equidistant between New York and PA.   Really is awe inspiring.
  4. Really old fire truck at Fairfield Fire Station.
  5. A not quite so old fire truck at the Fairfield Fire Station.
  6. Since Belleville is an active fire station I would have to leave the station should they get a call.   To make it easy on everyone I just set up my tent outside.

Today I did a little over 97 miles which makes my first week total 590 miles which isn’t bad since I only rode six days.   Didn’t want to go 97 miles today but Belleville was a little closer to St. Louis and I want to cross into MO tomorrow and start officially for Springfield MO.    Luckily when I made the switch from Freeburg to Belleview I had a full bottle of Gatorade that I was going to use in the morning to power me through.  For grins I calculated how many times I pumped the pedals.   I figured (admittedly a rough approximation) I did 26,880 revolutions.

Had my first potential mechanical problem.   Miracle Go keep slipping out of gears.   Before this occurred irregularly at a particular gear ring.    This morning all the gears were slipping and I was afraid I would have to try to fix it myself (really leery about doing anything with the gears since if you don’t do it right they really get weird).  Luckily Miracle Go fixed herself so we were good for the next 50 miles.   Will take her in for a check up if I can find a bike shop.

Some of today’s factoids (in the world according to Rob):

  • I figured out why there were so many turtles lying in the road.   I watched a medium sized turtle walk out on the road close to where every passenger side tire would go if they passed that point on the road.   Hopefully the turtle listened to me when I recommended a different place to sun.    Snakes are just as bad.
  • Saw a vole or mole run across the road.   It didn’t look left or right but its survival strategy beats the turtle’s.
  • Best smell: Got to the top of a hill late in the day and smelled someone grilling out.   Reminded me of my next store neighbor Tom that grills all the time.
  • 2nd Best Smell: Farmer was tilling his field.   The smell of fresh dirt was everywhere and it is a smell that I like a lot.
  • Worst Smell: Went by a dairy farm with lots of cows.   Nuff said.
  • Best Sight: I saw acres and acres of vibrant green grass that was a foot tall.   It reminded me of Scotts and I couldn’t help but wondering if this is where some of our quality grass seeds would come from.

I continue to be inspired by the people that I come across.   Several people today stopped me today and talked to me about bikes, my ride, and just being friendly.   The people (firemen and policemen) that I am asking for lodging have been spectacular.   They don’t always say yes but they always do what they can.   Continue to see the kindness and concern of people everywhere I go.

Great day to one and all!

2 thoughts on “Fairfield, IL to Belleville, IL

    1. Thanks Bob! Currently in New Haven, MO getting ready to do today’s post. Today was a great day after an interesting night. Together we will get through this!


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