Bristow, OK to Bethany, OK

Before I explain the pictures I want to wish all the “Mothers” out there a most spectacular day.   Speaking from experience, my mother Effie and wife Jill, there are no other more selfless people than moms.   About 1200 miles from home it is easy to remember all of the things Jill has done over the years to take care of the boys and I.  Too often we begin to take what they do for granted and “forget” to tell them how special they are.   Take a moment today and wrap your arms around your mom and hold her tight for a minute or two and just say thanks.    She deserves it and you will feel better as well.  MOMS are the true SUPERHEROS!

Completed about 95 miles today traveling to Bethany Oklahoma.   Had to get “off my map” to get here but think I am close to Route 66.  The temperatures have started to climb.   This morning at 9:00 it was 81 and when I stopped riding about 4:00 the temperature was 91.   That makes it hard to get enough water but I am doing my best.

All the stations I have stayed in to date have been spectacular and last night in Bristow  was no exception.   They invited me into the station, provided a shower which is a pleasure few truly appreciate, came me some of the Tabouli Festival food (delicious), then brought in some McD’s where I had more than my share and finally wouldn’t let me buy breakfast for them and provided a most delicious bakery bacon and cheese sandwich and some donuts.  Keep me powered the whole day through.

Picture Explanation:

  1. Happy Mother’s Day – Dedicated to all the most beautiful of women.
  2. Waterfall in Oklahoma City.   As I rolled through it looked like there were a lot of family activities and the waterfall seemed to be a favorite “picture taking” place.
  3. Rich Red Dirt of Oklahoma – Passed a number of places where there were huge fields of this red dirt.   Not sure what makes it red but things sure seem to grow well.
  4. Museum Underway – Passed a building going up that had a lot of old gas station signs planted in the front yard.   See any that you remember?
  5. Prairie Sign – By the waterfall were many plants labeled with their name.   When I went to the front I saw the sign that announced that these were all plants from the prairie.   It would have been fun to stop and look for awhile.
  6. VW Coming out of 2nd Floor – If you look real careful at the right side of the building you will see that the VW is just about to leave the building.
  7. Mural – Section of a mural showing different scenes from Oklahoma for their 2007 Centennial.

Haven’t done my map yet but I should be close to Route 66 again.   The next big city of note is Amarillo (I think) so I will be setting up my route a little later.   It was fun coming through Oklahoma City on a Sunday.   The roads were fairly empty and I was able to look around a bit.    The coolest thing I saw (and for some reason the picture didn’t come out) was the waterways under the bridges I crossed.   They had nice sandy banks that swerved left and right and the water went its way.   I thought how nice it would bring the family to a spot like this for a picnic and swim.

My left leg is a bit burned from the sun.   I haven’t had to worry about the sun hitting the lower part of my legs but that will have to be rethought out.   I may have to start wearing my tights to protect my legs.   I am no match for the sun.

The Bethany firemen invited me to eat with them.   That is yet another act of extreme kindness.   Had they not done that I would have had to ride another 4 miles today and either stay in my dirty clothes or get sweaty after a shower.    Our firemen are extremely helpful, friendly and kind.

Wishing you my very best!

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