Oakley, KS to Alma, NE


  1. Love going to a new state.   While I am still a week away from Wisconsin (a little over 700 miles away) a new state means I am closer.   I liked this picture since it shows both me leaving Kansas and arriving in Nebraska (background sign).
  2. The store that has taken over the West, South, and North based on my travels is any store with “dollar” in it.   Last night in Oakley I bought a book. breakfast (cereal so I could eat and leave), some chocolate milk, and cookie snacks for the road.   It really is a nice store for cheap replenishment.
  3. The “Welcome to Alma” sign means much more than a location.   Anytime I do over 100 miles a number of my body parts are requesting a rest.   When I see the final destination sign I see food, shelter and time to stand up.
  4. This is a picture taken as I was leaving Oakley this morning.    The morning was a touch cold but the sunrise with a couple of clouds hanging close by was fun to be a part of.   The road really wasn’t as dark as this picture indicates.

Summary: Today’s 122 mile ride took me to my twelfth  state which is Nebraska.   I can tell I am getting close to the Mid-West given things are green, hot, humid, and there are bugs of all things.   I got used to “no bugs” in California where everyone has screen doors but they don’t use them since no bugs exist.   It would be fun to acquire some of California’s features in the Mid-West.

Thoughts for the Day:

  1. I was thinking on today’s ride which isn’t necessarily a good thing.   We are all part of many systems and contribute in many ways.   When you think about it most of us are involved with the following systems:
  • Family
  • Work
  • Friends
  • Outside Interests and Activities

Do you understand how important you are?

My “coast to coast biking” system is:

  • I am the brains of the operation (wife would argue) and chief pedaling
  • Miracle Go is responsible for mechanical advantage and carrying supplies
  • Environment includes roads, cars, trucks, animals and objects on road
  • Nature who can throw heat, rain, humidity, smoke or even rock slides at us

Each component has a job to do and without all of these factors acting in concert with one another we wouldn’t get very far.

Think about the systems of which you are a part.   The love you show your kids and relatives, the wisdom that you provide to others based on your hard learned lessons, the example you provide to your grandchildren, the review and advice you provide to co-workers are all values that you provide to the systems to which you belong.

Far too often we feel bad about ourselves because we didn’t do something right or can’t help someone out of a problem.   This can sometimes cause us to doubt our own worth.   If you ever get in this spiral stop a moment and think of the value YOU provide to the many systems to which you belong.   This reflection will clearly show that YOU are needed and without YOU the system might come crashing down and if not surely be less efficient.

2.  When I was in Louisville recuperating from my initial three days of 100 miles each, a cousin said, “remember, I’am the one that said 70 miles a day should be your target”.   I listened to his advice both the first time and the second time  this was mentioned.   I wrongly thought that I would adjust to the 100 mile days since I could ride 60 on a regular basis.   I now realize this was wrong thinking.   I would also say that my cousin’s advice while initially correct would have been wrong for me.   I wonder how often we let other people limit us.  If we realize that we are unique people each with their own talents and abilities then we can never say with certainty what we can do.

My lesson?   Take advice and put it in my back pocket for reference.   If I could do it again.   I would start with 70 miles days and gradually build the mileage up to a level where I am comfortable.   I am glad I didn’t limit myself to 70 miles!   Don’t let others limit you!

Heading into the Alma business district for dinner.    Not sure where I will stop but they do have a Subway!

Best wishes from the wonderful state of Nebraska!


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