My Beautiful Mother!


My mother was a beautiful and gracious lady that raised three boys and three girls.   In truth, she was a very special lady.   Her accomplishments included raising her kids, becoming indispensable as an Executive Secretary at the University of Louisville, bringing her condo association back from the brink of disaster, supporting many charitable organizations, and supporting causes to help those less fortunate than herself.

The sad truth is I never really sat down and listened to my mom to find out all she did to make the world a better place.   Sad that you don’t really get to know someone “special” until they are gone.

Cancer was the culprit.  My mom died of a brain tumor in November several years ago.  Before her death I rode in the Pelotonia because it was “fun”.   I watched other riders carry names of loved ones written on their arms and legs, pinned on their shirts, and on banners by the side of the road as we rode past – I didn’t get it.

This changed when cancer took my beloved mom.  Now it is personal and cancer must be stopped.

I would greatly appreciate your donation, no matter how small, because I know that together cancer has met its match.   Now is the time for cancer to realize that we’ve taken its nonsense long enough and it is going to be stopped.


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