Meet “Miracle Go”

180225 - Miracle Go 0180225_163545

Finally my big weekend arrived . . . I picked up the bike that will take to the Pacific Ocean and back.   You are looking at my “Gunnar Grand Tour” bike.   Figuring that we will be together for the better part of 3 months my challenge was to come up with a name that would suit her good looks.

The perfect name came to me last night, “Miracle Go”.   This is an obvious play on the Scotts Miracle Gro company and the perfect foil for The Scotts Kid.   Just be aware that I don’t like long names.   So in the future I will probably morph Miracle Go into “MG” or “Go”.   Any preferences?

I also took MG out for out maiden voyage earlier this afternoon.   Remember me telling you that the guy at Baer Wheels knew what he was talking about?  Well he came through with recommending and outfitting this bike – Thanks David!

The bike is extremely smooth is all respects, looks good, and performs spectacularly.   Admittedly I wasn’t out all that long (15 miles worth) but I can already tell we are going to have a lot of good miles between us.





een trying to think of a name for weeks and it finally hit me last night.   Ain’t she a beaut

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