130810 - Jason and Shelly #120130810_175534

The longer I live the more important friends become . . .

This isn’t a great picture of the Pelotonia halfway point at Gambier but I am not going to dwell on the picture itself.   The important thing is what the picture contains.   For those of you that work at Scotts, if you look at the picture really closely, you will see that it is a picture of Jason and his wife Shelley.    I believe this was the second Pelotonia in which I entered.   This was Jason and Shelley’s first.

It was a hot day and they hadn’t been able to prepare for the race like they wanted.   As I recall they got to this point in about 8 hours.   The tenacity to stay on a bike for 8 hours and cross the halfway point lets you know how dedicated these two are to finish what they start.

Jason has proven to be a good friend over the years.   He noticed that I was struggling to get my blog going.   He asked a couple of questions, agreed with Shelley to buy my domain (I was being cheap) and thus “” was born.   Since then Jason has offered suggestions on how to make the site better and explained some of the finer points that my pointed head couldn’t comprehend.

It dawned on me this morning that “true friends” aren’t necessarily the ones that you hang with or see a lot.  True friends are those that see a person in trouble and without a second thought fix the problem.   THANKS Jason and Shelley!






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