The Hardest Thing to Do


When I talk to people about riding anywhere from 25 to 100 miles on a bike folks often say they could never go that far on a bike.   If you ask the bike riders about what the hardest thing to do is it isn’t riding the bike but asking family and friends for donations.   I will echo this sentiment.   Ever year the bike riders sign up to ride in the Pelotonia and commit to collect up to $5000.   Each biker is personally responsible for collecting the promised funds and if they don’t the money is charged to their credit cards.  Yet asking for donations (the fear of rejection?) is really hard!

Thanks to all of your out there that contribute to this great charity with the focus to end Cancer’s evil reign in our lifetime.   The reality is that many of the bike riders return year after year which makes the Pelotonia such a success.   This would be impossible without the wonderful response from family and friends -THANKS!



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