Boys and Extended Family

If you’ve been following my posts you’ll recognize that I haven’t mentioned my boys and herein that lack is addressed.

John, Joe, and Nick have all been with me for 30 years, on average, (my how time flies) and provided so much joy and happiness that I can’t begin to tell the story.  For introductions:

– First picture is son Nick, and adored grandchildren Logan and Vi (short for Violet)

– Second picture is oldest son John and our “too small to be a real dog” Shupe

– Last picture is Joe who will be married to a beautiful lady, Mandie, shortly after                 my journey across the country with their adopted son Dwight.

While I bought Miracle Go, the bike that will help me cross the country, the boys gave me a lot of the gear that will be needed for the trip for Christmas. Tents, sleeping mats. head lamp, water bladder and other goodies were all provided making my trip much more comfortable.

Everyone has important “things” in their lives but I can tell you that nothing is more important than family and the love I share with them is deep and forever.

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