When I started this “project” several months ago I thought getting ready would be easy.   Now 3 months into the “getting ready” phase it has become clear that there is a lot that I still don’t know.

“MG”, my bike Miracle Go, is my most pressing need.   Since she will be carrying me and about 80 pounds of gear, she has to be tough, durable, balanced, and ready to go.

This weekend I spend about 4 hours at Baer Wheels working with the owner Dave to optimize my bike’s configuration to ensure that the desired toughness, durability, balance and “go” were all considered.   Dave patiently went through every question and helped me plan for a successful ride.   THANKS Dave!

My big MG decision was to go on and order front saddle bags.   Don’t really need the extra capacity but I found a bike with all the weight on the back wheel just felt wrong.   The new bags will be in the end of this month and then MG should be fully operational.

The next priority is to ensure that everything needed and maybe needed is packed.   Sets of clothes, toiletries, spare bike parts, tubes, tires, flashlight, tent, rope, sleeping bag, miniature pillow, and emergency food stores are all in my “to go” stack.   Need to get the final saddle bags delivered to figure out where everything will go so I can find it when packed and keep it dry in the rain.

While the route is still suspect (will aim for south and west and see where the respective day takes me) MG and my provisions are getting locked down nicely.

Launch is set for April 30th rain or shine and that is just 37 days and a wake up away!   Anxious to get started.




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