Harmon Lodge

180324 - Harmon Lodge

I live is a small rural community called Candlewood Lake.   Its a beautiful and friendly community that is ideal in so many ways.  Candlewood’s early years was not so smooth as documented in George Harmon’s book, “The Candlewood Pine View Saga”.

If not for a small group of heroic individuals, including George Harmon and the entire Harmon clan, then Candlewood may have remained a dream when the original developer took many down payments and left for the hills.  Candlewood was a muddy mess with no lake and people unable to build on the property they thought was theirs.  Candlewood was all but dead.

Last year the lodge at Candlewood Lake, the center of social activities, was named for was named for George Harmon.  George and his family devoted much of their live to change the “muddy mess” into the Candlewood Lake dream that we know today.   Thanks Harmon clan!

PS – Took MG (Miracle Go, my bike) on a training run.   I exchanged books at the Candlewood library (thanks June Maxwell) that is housed in the Harmon Lodge.   That’s when I go the idea to take this picture.   When you are going on a solo trip you have to have a friend in the picture to personalize it.   Have a feeling that MG is going to have her picture taken in many, many places.

PS II – Last weekend George called and asked if I’d help him and Craig clean up some pines trees that blocked one of his driveways.   George is 91 years old (is this okay to share George) and his son is about my age.   I exercise regularly and thought I would be the workhorse of the team.   The reality is George and his son Craig worked me into submission.   It was a great afternoon and I hope that I age as well as George.   My advice is if George ever asks you to help him do something be prepared to “try” and keep up with him.



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