The Route Is Set . . . Sorta’

An earlier post stated that I wasn’t going to “map out” my journey preferring to go South and West figuring its tough to miss the Pacific Ocean.   My oldest son John suggested that I lock down a general route.   A general route allows him to look for TV, radio, newspapers or public gatherings that may want “The Scotts Kid” to speak.   It is tough to argue against such solid logic so the fix is in.

My plans are to leave my home in Candlewood, OH on April 30th and travel down US-42/36 to Marysville where I will make a quick stop at Scotts Miracle Gro to say farewell to my friends.  Scotts promotes employee health by having a quality gym on site with the highest quality trainers and equipment that you ever did see.   Each year I had about 360 ‘”visits” to the gym.   I will sorely miss all my early morning friends (Diana, Laurel, Sean, Lee, Dr Lee, Mani and others) and the dedicated trainers (Jen, Katie, Chris, Josh, Logan, Sarah) that keep us all in shape.

From the Scotts corporate location I will travel to Marysville where I hope to get an article in the “Marysville Journal-Tribune” and then start to solicit donations.   Then US-42 will take me to my hometown of Louisville, US-60W will take me to Springfield, MO, and US-66 will get me all the way to Los Angeles and objective #1, the Pacific Ocean.   I was thinking that the one way mileage was about 3500 miles but Google maps disagrees and said the trip is more in the 2414 miles range.  This is great news since it means I can meander north and south of my western trek to spread the story to more cities.


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