Spring Training

180324 - Seasons #2

The reality is I am a wimp – I hate the cold.   For this reason much of my training on the weekends is in the basement on a stationary bike in front of the TV.    April 30th is getting closer so I will have to force myself outside.

In Columbus Ohio the last day when we can expect freezing temperatures is May 15th.   While I am really hopeful that April 30th will be warm and I have a week’s worth of warmth to skedaddle down south, I can’t expect to be that lucky.   The worst case is it is cold and rainy.

Yesterday began my Spring training.   I went out in 40 degree weather with the clothes I expect to wear on April 30th to test their ability to keep me warm and to get a better feel for my new bike Miracle Go (MG).   I am happy to report that MG is superior in all respects.   I don’t have the front saddlebags yet so I don’t have a true feel for how hard will be to pedal the added weight (my road bike is so light that I could carry it easily where MG even without the saddlebags feels twice as heavy).

My unscientific testing reviewed:

1. Riding at 40 degree temperatures in my planned clothing is doable but I need a wind breaker.

2. MG, unloaded and in a wind, allowed me to travel 12 miles in 40 minutes with an average speed of 14.6 MPH reaching a top speed of 25.6 MPH (of course going downhill).

3. Expectation that I will be able to average between 13 and 15 MPH on my trip (unsubstantiated at this point).

4. Need to start riding outside more to acclimate to the temperature and conditions

Summary?   Spring please hurry!



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