“Miracle Go” Ready

180401 - Miracle Go Finished 20180401_093003

Miracle Go and I have been together for about a month.   Due to the cold (have I told you I hate the cold) and wet (have I told you I hate wet) weather, we have only been on the road a handful of times.   This will shortly change with the necessity of starting to train for long distance riding.

This is Miracle Go’s final configuration.   The changes that might not be apparent from the picture:

1. Compass that fits in the handlebar stem (doesn’t seem to work very well).

2. Front saddlebags (didn’t need the extra space but helps with front wheel stability).   There should be 4 pound front wheel to 6 pound back wheel ratio.   The four saddlebags can hold about 100 pounds collectively.  Currently I am carrying only 35 extra pounds and believe this is about all I’ll need.

3. Handlebar bag with clear top that will hold my maps and interior that will hold items that need to be readily accessible.  Now I love my maps – big metal change which might have something to do with a compass that thinks every direction is north.


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