Retirement, The Unspoken Truth

A dear friend, retired several months ago, seemed a bit disconcerted when I wished him a “happy retirement”.  Confused by the unexpected reaction, we discussed what “retirement” means.   He thought I was saying that the excitement of his life is over while what I was trying to say is “now you can seek a new path to fulfillment”.

As we “grow up” we usually have a families, houses, cars, and other living expenses that need attention.   Face it, for most of our lives we are financially dependent on the jobs we hold.   Retirement, with proper planning, means financial independence.  For me that means that I “can” find myself  and my place in the world.

While it’s hard to admit I don’t have a clue as to what I do next, I am anxious to get started.  My point is that you don’t retire from something, you retire to something.  The fun is figuring it out.

Let the FUN, and learning, begin!




One thought on “Retirement, The Unspoken Truth

  1. I like your article all the time .I am sitting in office and everybody missing you . Good luck for your journey !!


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