I was visiting a number of organizations in the local area to request Pelotonia donations. I happened to stop by the Cardington Yutaka Technologies location.  As I was walking into Yutaka, I noticed a Red Cross truck and decided to donate blood after I made my Pelotonia pitch.

This brought back memories of a dear St. Xavier High School friend Brother Julius – the chemistry professor.   After a chem lab he handed me a Red Cross pin with the number 23 inscribed.   He asked me if I knew how long it took to get to the 23 gallon mark and bet me I couldn’t hit that number.   I took the challenge only to learn that at the 6 pints a year rate (max donation rate) that it would 30.6 years to match his accomplishment.   Here I am at 63 years old, with 129 pints donated, and a deficit of 55 pints.  To match Brother Julius it will still take over 9 years at the maximum donation rate.

Lesson, never think you’re smarter than a chemistry professor!

One thought on “Perspective

  1. Haha! This sounds like my dear Uncle Paul! While volunteering with him on Habitat homes, he would speak of miscellaneous items to salvage and goals to meet. He made me think; ponder so many things. Cancer took him from us😞.


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