America the Beautiful?


MG (Miracle Go) and I had just started on our training ride yesterday.   I was thinking about America (not sure why) and it dawned on me that America is not just land, but also the people that live there and their attitudes.

While on a 2-mile stretch of County Road 59, I saw a mom and little girl on each side of the road.  They were picking up litter to help keep American beautiful.   Two things struck me.  First, the wonderful example that these mothers were providing to their little girls.  They weren’t worried about “whos fault it was” or “getting recognition for doing a good thing”, they were focused on doing something nice to make a small piece of America all it should be – beautiful.   The second thing that crossed my mind is how shallow and careless some people can be disregarding common courtesy of taking care of the environment.   I counted seven, 30 gallon trash bags filled with litter that these caring people picked up.

As I passed mothers and daughters on my bike I thanked them and saw in the eyes of the little girls the future of America.    We are good!

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