T-5 and Counting


All systems are “go”.   The last remaining task is packing.   Packing is difficult since once you leave you only have what you take – duh.   Planning for contingencies is critical and space is at a premium.   Expect to complete this task and load Miracle Go on Friday.   At this time everything will be charged, tested, packed, and documented.   Documented?

I was having trouble remembering where everything will be placed.   A diagram that will be close at hand.   It will be used so I don’t have to search through multiple saddlebags to get an item.

My “strong” desire for good weather apparently will be delivered by mother nature.    Looks like the first two days will be sunny with warm temperatures!


2 thoughts on “T-5 and Counting

  1. Good luck on your journey, Rob! We pray for your safety and success. Hope to follow your progress over the next several months! Bon Voyage!



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