Donation Fun

As you know the number one reason for my ride is to collect money for the greatest cancer fighting charity that I’ve come across.

You can make donations fun by betting your friends, family, and business colleagues on some aspect of my journey.   Examples might include:

Bet that “Rob”:

  • Won’t make it past 1, 2, or 3 weeks.
  • Will not be able to average 100 miles a day for a week or month.
  • Will never make it to the West Coast?   West Coast and back?
  • Will have at least one ride in the month of April where he does 150 miles.

The beauty of this strategy is you don’t have to donate a thing.   You just have to be on the right side of the bet.

Remember that a donation is greatly appreciated.  Getting your friends involved is every bit as important.

You can go to “” site, click on the “Goal Tracking” link to see where we are along the journey to collect One Million dollars.   As of this morning I am proud to announce our total is $7,506.

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