Miracle Go is Launched

Well I got my wish – no rain.   Unfortunately Mother Nature is smarter than I and with the clear skies (no rain) there is also no blanket to keep the warm air around.   Miracle Go and I will be starting in 35 degree weather which is about 11 degrees colder than I care to ride in.  I was told many times to “be careful what you wish for” and I should have paid attention.

These two pictures were taken yesterday.   The picture on the left is not of a thug but someone that desperately wants to stay warm.   When the temperature get a little warmer then I will “ditch” a couple of layers and transform in a recognizable version of “The Scotts Kid”.

Looking forward to swinging by Scotts Miracle Gro to bid fond friends “adieu”, swinging through Marysville to request donations, and then looking for Route 42 which should swing me down toward Cincinnati and Louisville (my home town).  When I leave Marysville I will be in uncharted waters (for me on a bike).   Really looking forward to see how well I will do with just a compass.   As my wife knows I can be “directional” challenged.

Help me make this trip a success by enlisting others to spread the word that we are working together to end cancer in our lifetime one donation at a time!

Let’s GO!

  • Starting Odometer Mileage: 374
  • Donation Total: $8856.00


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