Day One: Truly the Beginning


  • Starting Odometer Mileage: 374
  • Ending Odometer Mileage:478
  • Daily Progress:104

I am an expressive which means I talk and probably write too long.   I will try to put the more interesting information first.

Most importantly I today officially accept the fact that I am old.   On my road bike I would do the 100 miles in about 6 hours.  Miracle Go and I made it in about 11 hours.   Sure we stopped to drop off donation letters but we were slow, slow, slow.   I will blame it on the wind that never stopped blowing directly in my face.   Quick hits:

  • Most Fun: Visiting my friends at Scotts.   Didn’t find or get around to everyone but they are NICE people – I miss each of you greatly.
  • Most Unexpected:  About 4 miles away from Scotts a car honked at me.   I couldn’t figure out why since I was far away from home and everyone at Scotts was at work.   When I got to Scotts, Jason Lorenz said it was his wife Shelley.   “Belated Hi” Shelley.
  • Nicest: I didn’t follow “Rob’s Rule #1: Fill all water bottles up every chance you get.”  I didn’t think to do this even though I was going into unknown lands.   I was about 15 miles outside of London (which at my slow speed translates to 1.5 hours) and ran out of water.   Not critical but when I arrived in London I was thirsty and wanted a Frostie in the worst way.  Couldn’t find a Wendy’s so I went to a ice cream stand.   They didn’t take credit cards so I turned from the window.   The lady behind me said wait a second and tried to order.   Turns out the Smoothie machine was broken so I went to a Speedway.   HOWEVER, three cheers for the lady that was so kind.   This is the America I know.
  • It Figures: Why am I in Cedarville?   Because my map isn’t very accurate.   I thought I would be arriving in Spingfield.
  • Worst Moment: Leaving my garage this morning in 33 degree weather.   I like temperatures 50 and above.
  • The Truth: I got up early this morning, ate breakfast, watched my last NCIS show for awhile and went back to bed as I promised my wife.  The discussion went something like: Wife – “I wish you weren’t going”.  Rob – “I don’t really want to go out in the cold”.   Wife – “Why don’t you just stay home”.   Rob – “I could just hide in the basement and create daily events by searching the internet”.  Wife – “Quit whining and get out there so I can get some sleep”.   If you know me this conversation might not be 100% accurate.
  • Most Valuable: The many friends that have come out to support me with donations, kind words, support, and belief.    I can’t THANK YOU ALL enough!
  • Most important: Didn’t get lost yet.

That about wraps up tonight’s entry.   Wanted to make it more fun and have interesting pictures.   This is difficult when you are riding from 6:30 in the morning to 6:00 at night.   Thank goodness I was able to get off the bike to take to people.  Sitting down is not my favorite position now.

Speaking of pictures that I don’t have, several of you saw me today with a buzz haircut.   Advise to spouses everywhere, if you are doing something your spouse doesn’t want you to do, DON’T go to sleep the night before and expert her or him to do some mischief.



3 thoughts on “Day One: Truly the Beginning

  1. Praying for the ride, Rob. Also, worry wart me wonders if you have reflective tape on that dark coat?? I want motorists to be able to see you on the road. For the good of the cause!!


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