Day 2: Interesting in So Many Ways

So much to talk about . . .

These pictures are from last night in Cedarville.   I set up the test outside of the Cedarville Fire Station.   They allowed me to charge my electronics and get cleaned up – They are AWESOME!

Today I was supposed to stay on 42S which I tried to do.  Unfortunately in changed to 38W which was okay with me since in was going in the right direction (Dayton).   The State Police pulled me over stating that bikes weren’t allowed on that road.   I explained that 42S transformed into 38W and no signs indicated that bikes weren’t allowed.  He agreed and then helped me cross the road and asked me to ride the wrong way up an access ramp and find another path.   As I was looking for my alternate path a Dayton Police pulled alongside so I asked him for a path.   He said I should get on 48S and follow it since it went all the way to Louisville.   I was on 48S for a while and it turned into one of those roads that bikes can’t go on.   Not wanting to meet my friend the state trooper I turned around.   I found a bike trail going in my direction and took it for about 5 miles, continued West and eventually decided to take the next road south.   Lo and behold that turned out to be my lost friend 42S which I am on now.   When I didn’t need food there was eatery after eatery.   I had my heart set on pizza but had to settle for the only restaurant /bar on 42S.   Not the best of places but the food tasted good.

I found out a second reason why Jill cut my hair short.   Every night when I get in my sleeping bag what do you think is exposed – my head!   It got cold last night and I am sure this was Jill’s second way to get back at me.   Admittedly she is much smarter than I.

Just went out to get my stats for today’s ride.   The Cat’s Eye religiously did it’s job all day.  However when I went to get the numbers it was still showing I was riding.   I think it is broken and I will now have to figure something else out.

Sorry that these notes aren’t more interesting.   I need to find a place to camp and get set up and that is hanging on my mind.

Thanks for all and will check in tomorrow.





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