Cordell, OK to Pampa, TX

Today is a day that I will long remember for all the unique things that occurred.   First last night there was a big storm.   The Cordell firemen refused to let me sleep outside (they probably knew the storm was coming) and set me up in a room upstairs.   I had a great view of all the fireworks and am SO VERY grateful that MG (Miracle Go) and I woke up dry and well refused.   Miracle Go actually even conned me into giving her chain so oil (she is no longer a Spring chick and has been getting clunky on our rides).

I was was excited because there was both the Sunshine Cafe and a Donut Shop for breakfast.   I headed to the Sunshine Cafe at 6:00 a.m., my first choice, and saw people going in so I knew I was about to get a good breakfast.   This confused me a bit since the door said they opened at 7:00 a.m.    When I went inside I was informed that there was a meeting and they didn’t open till 7:00 a.m.   While I was getting my stuff on to go to the Donut Shop a gentleman walked out and invited me to the devotional meeting with breakfast.    This was so very kind of him and I was sorely tempted to join them.   I gracefully declined since my mind would have been on the food and not the devotion, I wanted to get on the road early since the first town was 36 miles away and for a nice change the wind was at my back.   Missed the potential fellowship but based on today’s ride it was the right decision.

I then went to the Donut Shop that was still closed at 6:05 and went to the gas station to fill up on Gatorade and a donut.   The lady said that the donut guy opened when he feels like it regardless of what is posted on the door (6:00 a.m.).   I also scarfed down some nuts and trail mix figuring that the 900 calories I ingested would get me to Sayre where they were sure to have a McDs.   No McD’s and no diner which a “me” that was hungry.   The postman pointed me down a street where he said they had a couple of diners.   Went for two miles and only saw a grocery store and Sonics.   I have never eaten breakfast but it seems to be a favorite of my grandson Logan so I decided to give it a whirl.   They had an eat/bacon and eat/sausage sandwiches and I got one of each.   I was pleasantly surprised by how good they were and the lady was confused why I kept going in the store (everything is done at an outside table or car parking space).   They finally taught me the system.    Up to this point I was flying.   I did the 36 miles with a 14.3 MPH average.   See what MG and I can do with no or little wind!

This is when the next decision point hit me.   I could do 80 miles and stop in Wheeler at about 12:30 or go to the next town.   The problem was the next town was Pampa which was 42 miles away.   Well the wind was at my back, the morning ride was easier than normal and I felt like we could make Pampa.   We arrived in town just about 4:00 p.m.    I stopped at Pampa’s Station Number 1 and they graciously allowed MG and I to spend the night.   Can’t express my thanks enough to the Pampa Firemen and the other stations that have been so gracious to me.   Without their help this trip would have been much more demanding and I would be a very dirty rider most of the time.    THANKS GENTLEMEN!!!


  1. Picture of a mural on a building in Cordell.   I was riding with the Chief to pick up a picture when I saw this and he pointed out 3 errors on the fire truck that the artist made.    Never try to fool a chief.
  2. Picture of a display at the top of the stairs of the Pampa Fire Station.   They had lots of toys and “fun” things.   It would be a fun display to show any kid.   Note the photographer.
  3. Sayre Sonics – Really impressed with their breakfast sandwich.   While McDs has them on price (2 for $4) the Sonic sandwiches tasted much better and was hotter.
  4. Second sign announcing my arrival into Texas.   The first was the state line.   This is the 7th state that I am now passing through.
  5. Cordell Court House and Water tower.   Though the building was extremely impressive.
  6. The sign into Pampa, Tx and a sign I have never been more grateful to find.   I did 121.8 miles with a 13.8 average speed.   I was on my bike for almost 9 hours and I could feel some of my leg muscles ask if I was crazy.   My new motto is a mile done today is just less miles for tomorrow.    The distance was necessary because of city spacing but I don’t want to do this too often.

I am 60 or so miles outside of Amarillo and will pass it by tomorrow.    Albuquerque is about 402 miles away so it will be a bit of time before I cross that bridge.


  1. I have passed a lot of creeks and there are three names that I bet have a story behind them.   What do you think about doing a book on creek name origins?
    1. Two Babies Creek
    2. Hazel Gal Creek
    3. Starvation Crdreek
  2. In the country, as a politeness, drivers will sometimes pull in the wrong lane (when no cars are coming) to make a turn so they don’t impede the traffic behind them.   I think someone tried to do this today in the traffic coming at me.   Rather than pulling in the lane, he pulled into the berm.   That might usually be okay but in this particular case I was in the berm.    As we are heading toward each other I decided I could maneuver either left or right to get out of his way.   He never really got close though.     Not anxious to get in the same situation anytime soon.
  3. Am I in the West?   Never thought of where the Mid-West ends and the West begins.   It seems to me that Ohio, Kentucky (maybe South), Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri are all Mid-West States.   They have hills, trees, farms, streams and a similar climate.    When I rode into Oklahoma it felt different.  The flora and fauna seem different.   Couldn’t identify any trees and miss my Oaks and Maples.    Plenty of birds but didn’t recognize any of their songs.    In any case I decided I am now in the West.   The scenery reminds me of some of the old John Wayne movies that I so like.   The size of Oklahoma’s farms puts Ohio to shame.   They go on and on and on.   The size of Oklahoma’s farms is small contrasted with Texas fields.   Not sure if they are pasture land or what but they just go on and on.    Saw two stockyards in Texas.   I don’t think I have ever seen a stockyard except in a cowboy movie.   There were thousands of cows in pens.    I saw Buffalo as well in a similar situation.    Again never seen that many buffalo in one place except on TV.

Sorry for rambling . . . I am no longer in Ohio.

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