14 Miles W of Ocotilla, CA to Alpine, CA

Both of these pictures were used previously so no explanation is required.   Trust that everything I have done to date will never be eclipsed but the memory of these two pictures.   As funny as this is to say, these memories made the trip.   I never want to go through a similar situation but after living through it, it is a moment of pride and vivid memories.

So this morning I followed the business 80 Westbound route “knowing” that the wind was finished.   Wrong.   I also knew that I would have hills that started to go down – still looking for the previous days descent) and also wrong.   I was climbing again to an elevation of 4000′ with the same crazy wind in my face.   I was going to make it to Newport Beach tomorrow if it killed me and to do so I had to get at least 60 miles done.

At mile 14.41 a car stopped a couple of hundred feet ahead of me.   The driver was a San Diego retired helicopter policemen but the name of Dave.   I wondered if he was having some car trouble since it was a funny place to stop.   When I pulled next to him he couldn’t believe how cold the day still was, the strong winds, and the fact that I was pedaling up the hill to get to San Diego.    He asked if he could help and I instantly said yes.   While I could have continued I still was far from 100% and the weird diet because of the lack of stores wasn’t doing me any favors.

So what did Dave do:

  1. Immediately gave me a bottle of water
  2. Provided me some nutritious snacks
  3. Turned his heater up
  4. Talked about options eventually
  5. Offering me a place to stay tonight.

While I could have continued on and perhaps made my 60 mile objective it wasn’t looking real good because without WiFi and a place to look at my phone I was going North and West to get out of the wind and planned to worry about the route.

Turns out Dave did something similar no long ago going from St Augustine to home in Alpine. CA.   He knew what I was going though and admired my attempt to fight the wind and cold.   I admired Dave for understanding that I was struggling and willing to stop for a stranger.   Again I found a “true friend” that I didn’t even know existed.   I am somewhere between 99 and 118 miles from Newport Beach and will be back to 100 (okay 85%) percent by tomorrow.   Uncle Dick and Marcia will see a very different rider then they would have seen otherwise.

Dave continued to help by giving me tips on the route and driving me along part of the route so I was familiar with the path.   Dave’s wife Patty and two kids (both studying in the medical field were equally kind.   Because of their kindness I will have clean clothes, a hearty dinner, a clear route to travel, and a good night’s sleep.   I will never be able to thank this family enough and hope one day we can host them at our house (Patty is from Cleveland).

No new pictures because I was dealing with a personal situation and that was the bigger problem.

The Scotts Kid continues!








2 thoughts on “14 Miles W of Ocotilla, CA to Alpine, CA

  1. Glad you’re ok Rob! Sounds like a brutal couple of days. Hope the rest of the trip to your uncle’s place goes smoothly and you can rest up a bit. Thank goodness for the kindness of the strangers you’ve met along the way. Stay strong and keep pedaling!


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