Alpine, Ca to Newport Beach, Ca.


  1. Probably 70 miles of today’s ride (113 miles) was done with the Pacific Ocean keeping me company.   The trails on the coast for bikes are extensive and often times very scenic.   This is a picture of Dana Point when I accidentally got off the Pacific Coast highway and was amazed at the activity level and number of people that filled this and many other marinas and harbors.
  2. My beloved Uncle Dick and Aunt Marcia.   After 28 days on the bike I can’t tell you what a warm and grateful feeling it is to have folks welcome you with open arms “making” me relax for a couple of days.
  3. I have been keeping this quiet but MG (Miracle Go) isn’t doing so well.   You do know about her two flat tires.  But never told you that she lost a back spoke, she is rattling and creaking in the front, the chain is coated with oil and sand, and her back rim is out of true (caused by the missing spoke) and the rim is scored for the same reason.    She needs an “emergency” doctor.    Uncle Dick has her lined up for a Tuesday appointment.   Note I gave her a “Fat Tire” beer.   I was told that this beer was invented by a European bike rider.   Surely he would know what a good bike needs.

Seriously, I can’t tell you how great it is to be on the West Coast.   My wife and I lived her when I was in the Navy many, many years ago and grew to love many attributes of this state.   When my son Nick and family lived here (he was stationed at Camp Pendleton which gave us even more great memories.   Turns out that part of my ride necessitated me going through Camp Pendelton.   So many good memories of places that Nick and  family visited with us.   Having an Uncle and Aunt that live in Newport Beach and offered to take me in make the California memories even more special.

My day started at about 4:30 a.m. when I got up.   Dave, the retired, San Diego police helicopter pilot was up shortly thereafter.    He made me a peanut/jelly muffin which got me going.    He then took MG and I to the edge of town and dropped us off.    I don’t think I mentioned that Dave did something similar going from his home to Louisiana and other points South years ago.   He reluctantly let me go.   You see he wanted to go with me (kinda’ gets in your blood).   Its funny that I didn’t know Dave until yesterday morning.   In one day he became a friend that I will cherish.   This has been the pattern of this whole trip.   My “new” friends will never be forgotten.

Today’s ride was spectacular.   I wasn’t going very fast but this wasn’t because of the wind or mechanical difficultly.   It was because I was remembering all my CA adventures and savoring the CA spirit.   I saw many restaurants, kids playing at the beach, spectacular views of the Pacific ocean and so many other things that made me reflect.   I would never want to live is CA but I will be back to enjoy the weather and ocean sometime soon.

Dave gave me a lot of tips.   One was that I could get on an Amtrak Train with MG, go to a desired starting point and then start home to Ohio.   I think it would be fun getting on an Amtrak train and starting the journey home at a place of my choosing.   I will be figuring out the trip tomorrow and Tuesday.   I have abandoned my plans to ride my bike to Washington State as I have no desire or memories of those states.   I decided I want the trip home to be “fun” on a path that has some interest to me.   Stay tuned since at this point I have no clue what this means.

According to my calculations I have been on the road 28 days.   I have gone through so many cities that sometimes I find it hard to remember where I was the day before.   Will the places are forgotten, the wonderful people will never be.   Also according to my calculations I have averaged 92.5 miles a day.   This seems high to me but I have the original odometer reading of 374 which if taken from the current odometer reading of 2964 leaves the 2590 miles.   Divided by the 28 days I got the 92.5 average.   Warning I have had two beers and am now having a glass of Merlot so the number may be suspect.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and Tuesday MG has her checkup.   I plan to be back on the road on Wednesday.    Will post sometime tomorrow and Tuesday showing you some scenes of CA.  I will not count this in on an average since the plan is to rest.

Note to Jill:  Aunt Marcia said I do not look emaciated but I am going to enjoy the beer anyway.

Thanks to all my supporters out there – we have 50% completed.














6 thoughts on “Alpine, Ca to Newport Beach, Ca.

  1. Glad you made it to Newport Beach and have an opportunity to rest in the comfort of loving family. Janet and I along with my brother Bob and his wife Sherry ate lunch at Dana Point (Harpoon Harry’s) just last September. We seem to get back to CA about once a year.
    I wanted to ask you if Dave’s angel wings were very big. Sure sounds like you crossed paths at a good time. The southern AZ and CA deserts aren’t fun in a car much less a bike. I did desert warfare training down in those parts of the country and it can be brutal. Down in the 30°s at night and over 100° by noon.
    I anxiously await your pending route in CA and your route back to OH.
    Be safe and pedal on!


    1. Tom,
      When I went to Dana Point it was an accident. I followed the bike route signs and they directed me to the coastal bike trails when I was really intending to stay on the Pacific Coast Highway which was more direct. However this is where I found the people and the energy. Smelling the wonderful barbecue smells, watching kids play in the surf or playing corn hole, and the beauty of the Pacific Ocean in a harbor setting just can’t be described by my limited word choice. And Dana point was merely one such venue.

      Earlier in the day I was coming up through Camp Pendleton and right after I came off base there was some kind of state park where people had tents, RVs, surfing equipment and other ocean “toys” and it was the same thing. Lots of people and families enjoying nature’s bounty. Frankly it made me miss my family and friends. Have to say that California is one of my favorite states to visit. Jill and I will have to come back.

      Dave’s angel wings . . . You know that is a good comment. Dave, like so many other people that I’ve had the privilege to meet, is a regular guy that cares. He isn’t so absorbed in “just his life” but is aware of others. I am not sure if Dave would consider himself a hero or someone out of the ordinary because it is just what he does. What he can’t possible know is that his “caring” gives others a reason to do the same thing. The “Pay if Forward” idea continues through people like Dave and yes to me he is a hero plus. He doesn’t exist in the world, he makes it better.

      Happy Memorial Day!


  2. Well done! You have made it halfway and if you stopped tomorrow it will still be an amazing accomplishment! Your timing is perfect as you can relax and enjoy Memorial Day……as we cherish you and all of our military who have served. Have a wonderful visit with Uncle Dick and Aunt Marcia. Rest. Rejuvenate. A job well done!


    1. Thanks Wendy! The big deal for me is now I can “turn home”. Wouldn’t trade one moment of this trip so far largely due to all of the wonderful people and friends I’ve found on the way. But the truth be known I want to be home. Wednesday there will be madman on a bike somewhere in the West that is rested. This person will make good time back to Ohio. This you can count on!

      Wonderful holiday to you!


  3. Wow!!!!! You amaze us! Enjoy CA and all the memories and rest! Take care and rest up for your amazing journey home!!!!!


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