Costilla, NM to Walsenburg, CO


  1. This are some of the mountains that were in front of me this morning.   I eventually climbed to 9413 feet at the La Veta Summit in Colorado.   The climb was long and tedious but the downhill was 4 miles long and paid me back.   The “wind” dividend doesn’t seem to be paying me back yet.   It was in my face most of the morning as I was climbing up the mountains/mesas but did seem to be more at my back when I crested the mountain.
  2. Yesterday, as you know, I missed posting.    There was a fire at Eagle’s Nest that interrupted burnt the cell tower into a “non-working” status.    This morning I stopped at the Old West Cafe in Fort Garland where I saw this poster about riding with Pancho Villa.   Any takers?
  3. This is a picture of last night’s “nest” at Costilla.   The night was interesting for a couple of reasons.   First I was on a porch.   What I didn’t realize was that the porch had a night light that was on all night.   That could have been a problem but wasn’t since I was tired and cold and in the sleeping back nothing seems to bother me.   I did think about snakes since I wasn’t in the tent.   My thoughts were that a snake would have to cross the cold desert floor to get at my body heat that he didn’t know was there – discounted that fear.   Since this wasn’t a sanctioned location you never know who might stop by and tell you to move on.   While this didn’t happen a guy in a truck went by and said “hi”.   Why he came back there I will never know since there isn’t a lot back there.   While I was laying down in the sleeping bag two dogs came to within 20 feet of me.   We startled each other with neither of us knowing the protocol of the situation.   While thoughts of wild dogs dancing in my head the dogs decided that humans should be feared and left never to be seen again.
  4.  I was 1.7 miles west of Colorado and found this sign bright and early.    It was cold and I was trying to get my hands warm.   Bottom line is that I continue N/E.

New Mexico and Colorado continue to vex me.   I stopped today with 81 miles because after Walsenburg there is another 60 miles to the next city.   I have to calculate getting breakfast and dinner and can’t be too far in between and still get sustenance.    Hoping that I soon reach areas where decent size cities and towns are about every 30 miles or so.

Currently I am staying at a state park (Lathop I think) just west of Walsenburg.   I stopped figuring it was the cheapest place to stop and since all state parks have showers.   What I found out is that I can shower if I pay $.50 for 4 minutes of water.   Forgive me but this is ridiculous and should be covered by the $28 1 night fee.

The scenery is beautiful and they do have a park ranger talking about snakes tonight.

Working on tomorrow’s route now and hope to have a clear idea of where I am headed.

Wishing you my best!

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