Santa Fe, NM to Costilla, NM


  1. Northern New Mexico is beautiful.   Full of trees, hills, mesas, and winding roads.   They even have water activities!
  2. Last night I spent the night on the porch of a out of service community center in Costilla, NM about 2 miles south of the Colorado boarder.
  3. Passed many National Forests on my journey.   The small sign warns of a high risk of firs again pointing to an extended drought in many areas.
  4. The sign into Questa where I planned on spending the night.   A fire in Eagle’s Nest put the cell tower out of service so after two grilled cheeses and a Coke I continued another 20 miles to Costilla.   Didn’t help the Cell problem.
  5. An example of road/scenery is Northern New Mexico.

Well New Mexico tried to capture me again.   I stopped in Questa expecting to check in with folks and get my post done.   Found out that the cellular tower was down and few WiFi access points were available.   The services were sparse and nothing would be open in the morning to get me going.   I decided to go to Costilla about 20 miles up the road where I would be closer to a place to get breakfast.

Costilla had little more than a store where I bought some chocolate milk and a bag of miniature donuts for breakfast.   The lady there told me of an abandoned community center .25 miles away where I made my camp for the evening.   It was still early so I ended up finishing a book I was reading.    The elevation was 7770 and I was a little worried about the cold.    My sleeping bag was up to the task and the approximated high 40 degree temperatures weren’t too bad after my hands warmed up.

I am now sitting in the “Old West Cafe” in Fort Garland with a population of about 420.   I wasn’t able to get today’s route down so I will be doing that now.

Wishing you all a spectacular day and trust that I will be eagerly moving East toward more populated areas and out of the mountains as quickly as I can.


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