Mequon, WI: Day of Rest


You guys are really in for a treat today.   I have spent my “down” day hunting for the “secret” treasures of Mequon, Wisconsin.   Your objective is to look at the pictures and determine what they are or their purpose.   You get a point for all correct answers.   Compete with friends and family to become the Master of Mequon.

Because of the number of pictures I am going top to bottom by column.   Good Luck!

Pictures and answers:

  1. Chief’s power staff used for making decisions
  2. Copper Wine Press
  3. The famous actor “Wisconsin Dave”
  4. Copper clothes wringer outer (sorry, I don’t know the technical term)
  5. Copper coal carrier
  6. Copper liquid dispenser
  7. Intuit soapstone Walrus sculpture
  8. Copper railroad signal light
  9. Number of bed warmers (you would put hot water in ceramic container to keep you warm at night)
  10. Copper Milk Can
  11. Remington Statuettes
  12. Copper still (I am from Kentucky, I know these things)
  13. Copper Steamer
  14. MG in her Wisconsin Storage facility (if you miss this one after all we’ve been through then you lose five points)
  15. Inuit Hunting Mask
  16. Napkin Holder

How did you do?

Tomorrow MG and I reluctantly leave Meguon (where we’ve had such a great time of fellowship, fun and rest) to complete our mission.

Early tomorrow we will be on a high speed ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon where I start the two day journey to Ferndale.   The pictures tomorrow will be awesome!

Wishing you a wonderful evening!
















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