Mequon, WI to Fast Ferry (Milwaukee) to Muskegon, MI to Chesaning, MI


  1. There is a Submarine Museum in Muskegon, MI.    This is a picture with a Coast Guard Cutter and the USS Silversides outside the museum tied up at the pier.
  2. The twin wake marks the Lake Express’s twin turbines kicking out the water that propels the ferry at about 32 knots.   The ferry crosses 75 miles of Lake Michigan in 2.5 hours as opposed to driving around the southern tip of Lake Michigan which is 298 miles long.
  3. MG is excited about the upcoming ferry ride and is first in line to board.
  4. Another picture of the fast ferry approaching the Muskegon port.
  5. This is “me” setting MG up along the wall where cars and motorcycles are also lined up.   What I didn’t know was that once the ferry left port (on the Milwaukee side) passengers were no longer allowed access to this deck.   Wanted to get my computer and “inaccessible”.   So I finished reading my book.   MG felt discriminated against.   She is much more than a mere car or motorcycle.   Since she had a ticket she felt she should be able to grab a seat in the heated area.
  6. This picture was taken as we are leaving the Milwaukee port.   You can see it is foggy but if you look real close you can see the Milwaukee skyline.
  7. Another picture of MG waiting in line with a more complete picture of the Lake Express ship.

Summary: So, once we completed the crossing to Muskegon we officially entered the Eastern Time Zone.   Home can’t hide from us much longer!   We made the 114 miles to Chesaning in just under 7 hours starting when we got off the Lake Express.   The “pretty good time” is a direct result of the expected wind AT OUR BACKS, the good roads, MG’s complete recovery from multiple surgeries and a back wheel that is steady and true.   In addition, Dave and Camille ensured our nutrition levels were maxed out and we were fully rested.   Once again the part of this trip I’ve enjoyed the most are the people which have been so kind and supportive.

I had a Eureka moment last night that isn’t fully fleshed out yet.  I think life has two main paths that make up each of our lives.   One path is the one that throws challenges up that we must meet head on by ourselves.   These challenges cause us to better understand ourselves and allow us to grow into the person we are meant to be.   The other path is the one that is far more interesting to me.   This path is the one where you have a problem that you can’t solve by yourself.   An example would be me standing on the side of the road with a tire/tube busted and no way to fix it without a bicycle shop that is a 100 miles away.   Somehow this path brings people together that “are meant to be”.    Again in my example many people that passed me by couldn’t have helped.   The 1 person that did stop (Jeff) ended up taking me to that bike store that was unreachable by me alone.   What brought us together?   What caused me to be on that road (I could have taken many other roads)?   What caused Jeff to be on that road?   Why did Jeff decide to change course from Minnesota to Fort Dodge?    So many questions and I don’t even know how to begin answering them.

Bottom line is we are tied together in this organization called humanity.   As long as we are part of humanity fate moves us in ways that are truly miraculous.

Please make tomorrow, a great day, even better.










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