Ferndale, MI to Findlay, OHIO!


  1. This is my oldest son John that got up with me at 5:00 a.m. this morning and walked me to a bagel store a block away that served up the best breakfast sandwich I’ve had to date.   He is posing with with MG in front of his house.
  2. The Fire Station at Findlay, Oh is hosting me today.   This is so fitting since so many fire stations have supported me over the last 2 months and I have missed meeting with them at the end of the day.
  3. Picture of MG and I in front of John’s house.
  4. This is the Perrysburg Water Tower.   I have passed this water tower lots of times as I traveled on I-75.   This is the first time I have gone through the town of Perrysburg.   Perrysburg is a happening little town especially when then are having a town celebration.   Next time you are on I-75 think about taking a side trip for shopping, lunch or dinner.   I believe you will be happy you did.    Little towns are the “heart” of America!
  5. The sign that touched my heart.   I have enjoyed every state, city and town that I touched but Ohio is home and therefore special as you might imagine.

Day’s Summary: Planned on doing 117 miles but after 3 detours and a navigation miss (on Google’s part) in Toledo I ended up doing 126 miles.   I believe this is my last 100+ ride.   Seemed to be going well all morning (60 miles by 10:00) but the afternoon seemed to drag.   The truth is probably anything over 100 miles catches me when I am tired.

I showed up at John’s house yesterday and he made me feel special.   He asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink and I said no.   He brought me water and a pasta salad.   When he finished working we sat on his back deck and drank a beer or two.    We talked politics and while our positions are usually different we are “able” to hear one another so points are made and thoughts engaged.   Advice, never try to argue with a lawyer.

For dinner John bought me so Thai food (chicken and noodle dish) and a German Chocolate cake.    I was full and fueled for today’s ride.   He also bought me some quality protein bars which taste much better than the cheaper brand that I buy.

In the morning we went for breakfast as stated in the pictures.   It was a really nice time!

Short Stories:

  1. Passed a garden that had a large log cross section placed in a prominent position.   If had a couple of spotlights that will shine on it at night and was beautifully finished in a stain and lacquer.  It has these simple words written on it, “Be humble and kind”.   Such simple words but it dawned on me that all the people I admire exhibit these characteristics in spades.   I have a ways to go.
  2. For those of you that are parents you will understand (if you have older children) how neat it is to visit them as adults.   They are no longer my children, they are now active adults blazing their story through life.   I am so proud of all my kids.   The fact that I was with John, my oldest, allowed me some time to remember when he was born, growing up, in the band, trying for music scholarships, going to Law School, etc., etc.    Nothing compares to the joy my sons bring me (except of course the grand kids).
  3. I was initially “surprised and fighting” against the detours and bad map directions.   Then is dawned on me that life is just like that.  You can plan everything down to the last dot and we all know that won’t stop the surprises from coming.   When this occurred to me I changed my perspective and thought:
    1. Saw two towns I wouldn’t have otherwise seen
    2. Actually went through Perrysburg which was  a nice scenic surprise.
    3. Found a place to get afternoon chocolate milk
    4. Was able to practice my ad hoc navigational skills
    5. Got to enjoy a “long ride” one more day and the trip is winding down
    6. So my conclusion?   Life is a state of mind.   Employ the state that will bring you the most enjoyment – why not?
  4. I was riding through town and there was a man that looked like he was saying “mean” things.   I immediately thought his comments were directed at me and started to get excited.   He then noticed me and waved even while he continued to talk.   He was on the phone.   How often do we assume something that causes us to be less than “nice” only to realize we are part of the problem.   Another lesson for me.
  5. As I went through Toledo I was stopped by many red lights which gave me the occasion to look into some of the cars.   It seemed like many of the people were not happy and had scowls pasted on their faces – why?   I think this is a perspective thing.     My belief is we need to do a better job of looking at the good things that are happening in our lives and ensure we have a smile in place more often than not.
  6. Much of this trip found me on roads where I might not see anyone for 30 minutes or more.   Today, and yesterday, were vastly different with cars everywhere going in many different directions and me having to be especially careful to ensure they had plenty of room to operate.   This is a great example of switching to the “right” gear.   We all are able to operate in multiple environments and we do this by choosing the gear appropriate to the situation.   If you feel yourself getting excited my recommendation would be to check to ensure you are in the right gear!

That about wraps it up for today.   The Findlay Fire Department gave me my own room with shower!   Again this raises my appreciation to all the Fire Stations that have provided assistance, guidance and advice over the last 40+ days.   You guys (and gals) rock and the success I now enjoy would not have been possible without your support earlier in my trip.   You have my undying GRATITUDE!

Tomorrow I will meet up with a Navy buddy that went through flight school with me.   Haven’t seen he for years and years.    This will be a red letter day.

Think of someone that you love and that has made a difference in your life but for whatever reason you haven’t made contact for awhile and CALL THEM!   You will be glad you did!

5 thoughts on “Ferndale, MI to Findlay, OHIO!

  1. Glad you are back in your home state! You’ve almost made your whole trip a reality. Keep pedaling and be safe!


  2. Go Rob Go! Looking forward to your return and hearing all the wonderful stories about your ride, our country and it’s great people! Amazing!


  3. Debbie,

    The only thing that has been keeping me going is the expectation of good food at the end. Don’t think I’ve forgotten the dish you promised (taco pizza?) weeks ago!


  4. Lol…..taco pizza, steaks, pasta, cookies you name it it’s yours! But nothing will beat Jill’s good cooking!


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