Findlay, Oh to Troy, Oh


  1. Coming down US 68S I saw a tree stump with an eagle carving at the top and a flag.  Made me think of the upcoming July 4th celebrations that are just around the corner – can’t wait to enjoy!
  2. The Findlay Fire Station has one of the few remaining sliding poles still in operation.  This pole is particularly cool in that when you put weight on the pole it opens up a hatch in the floor so you can slide to the first floor unobstructed.t
  3. As we were going through Piqua and trying to avoid Troy, Bill took me on the Great Miami Recreational Trail that he runs on in preparation for a mini-marathon he prepares for each year.
  4. Rob, me, crossing a bridge over the Great Miami River.   At the far end there were stairs that had a metal channel down the steps so MG could make it down the stairs without bumping on the stairs.   Never seen such a set up!
  5. While on the bridge I asked Bill to take a picture with the dam in the background.   The only thing I like more than water is water coursing down a dam.
  6. Made it to Bill’s house and was getting settled in when I saw this pillow with the cross stitch saying, “today is a perfect day to be happy”.   This is exactly the point that I am trying to make.
  7. Bill and I meeting in Bellafontaine for the first time in 30+ years.   Again I strongly encourage you to remember a close friend that has drifted away and give them a call.   The renewed contact is worth more than anything else I can think of!

What a wonderful day!   A Navy friend I hadn’t seen in more than 30 years met me in Bellafontaine to ride me back to his house in Troy.    We rode the 50 miles talking about old times, new times and things in between – what a great time.   It was also fun not having to navigate for a change.   He took me the back roads that had us landing after 101 miles of pedaling.

At the end of the run he took me to a monster hill by his house.   He started a tradition that anyone that could ride up the hill without touching the ground would get their name on a plaque that he maintains.   I am happy to report that MG earned the right to have her name placed on this prestigious plaque for time eternal.

Another story of a wonderful couple goes to Doris and Wayne that own a house on US 68S.   While I was riding down the road I saw a sign that said, “Wishing you a great day and a good night”.   I find it amazing that someone would try to send a message to every motorist that comes down US 68 such a special wish.

Now I turn my attention to Grove City which is where my middle son lives.   Should be there tomorrow before 1:00 p.m.

Today my wish for you is that all your dreams be righteous and become a part of your life that gets more fulfilling each day!





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