Troy, OH to Grove City, OH


  1. Meet Dwight the wonder dog.   He belongs to Joe and Mandie.    Don’t let the calm, tranquil expression in this picture mislead you.   Inside is a boiling cauldron of puppy trouble-making.   You should see this 85 pound kid play with our 15 pound Cavapoo.   It is a lot like a train playing with a trike.
  2. Some of the best lessons and sources of wisdom are what people put on a wall or on a couch.   The two sayings are “The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It” and “Life is {The Art} of drawing without an Erase”.   The first saying gets back to our discussions where people need to be proactive and an active participant in life.  Waiting for life to come to you is a recipe for a very unhappy life.   Loved the second saying as well.   Life can’t be planned out.   You can set objectives and work toward them but life has a funny way of throwing up unexpected objectives which will cause you to adjust you path many times.   The key is to make good decisions so you don’t need to request a “do over”.
  3. The card that starts with “Laugh Like You’re 10” is a post card that came to my attention today.   I think this falls nicely within the “I have a gear for that philosophy” and shows that you need to use all of them.  I think this is a beautiful plan for achieving a very full and rewarding life.
  4. My son that’s getting married in September is also buying a house with Mandie in the coming weeks.   The good news is it has a pool.   Why is this news good?   Because I am retired and when Joe and Mandie are at work it will be my pool!

This was a fairly short bike leg where the 77 miles was completed in about 5 and a half hours.   The humidity was kicking up today so “welcome back to the Ohio summer weather”.

A number of times I alluded to or discussed life and circumstance come together in funny ways.   When Bill Slagle and I were leaving Bellefontaine yesterday, Mandie’s (Joe’s fiance) mom (Bonnie) was leaving her house in Sidney for Grove City.  She saw Bill and I riding out of Bellefontaine and thought it was “The Scotts Kid”.   However she “knew” that The Scotts Kid rode alone and thought she was mistaken. What are the odds?

Speaking of seredipity, I was up early again today.   As I get closer to ending this ride the excitement grows.   In any case I got up at 4:30 a.m. and didn’t have anything to do until 5:30.   I looked around and found a book entitled, “101 Things to do before you Get to Heaven”.   I found the title intriguing and decided to flip through it.   It had lots of interesting ideas.   I decided to look at the first two items figuring I could get started.   Ironically enough here are the first two:

  1. “Risk doing something stupid”.   If you have been following my posts you easily realize that on any number of occasions I did “stupid” things.    I believe this was accomplished.
  2. “Take a Retro Road Trip in the Car”.   My contention is that any substitute that is transportation (like a bike) would complete this item.   With all the small, cool towns I passed through I am giving myself credit for this item as well.   Perhaps I should have looked at idea #3.

That’s if for tonight.   Joe and Mandie are making hamburgers for dinner and my mouth is watering.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the fathers out there!


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